Phu Quoc’s speciality guide (Part 1)


If you’re finding an ideal place to spend your holiday, Phu Quoc is the place for you. Coming here, you have the chance not only to admire beautiful landscapes but also to enjoy the best food here.

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Sim Wine

Herring salad is often paired with Sim Wine (also known as Ruou sim or myrtle fruit wine), a wine made from liquified sim fruit mixed in with rice wine. The fruit grows wild all over the island and the wine made with this fruit apparently has digestive properties. It tastes a bit like blackcurrant juice mixed with alcohol.

Where to buy

The wine, which is below 15% proof, is suitable for people of all ages and is widely available throughout the island. It costs about 120,000VND for a 750ml bottle.

Sim wine in Phu Quoc (via dulichplus)

Herring salad (Goi Ca Mai)

While Japan has long been the purveyor off raw fish dishes, Phu Quoc has its own take on the idea. Herring salad is a raw seafood salad served with a platter of accompanying vegetable and sauce. The white meaty fish is meticulously prepared and marinated to perfection. In Phu Quoc, thin slices of herring are mixed with lime juice, chili sliced into strands, chopped onions, coconut and served with traditional rice paper rolls and fresh herbs to create the finishing touch, the rolls are filled with fresh lettuce, herbs, and cucumber slices. A selection of different dipping sauces are provided, adding a sweet or spicy flavor depending on your preference. It is a beautiful appetizer to start a meal.

Health benefits of herring

Herrings are very good for you as it provides high levels essential fats (omega 3) that play an important role in normal brain development and function. Another benefit is that because they’re relatively small fish and near the bottom of the food chain herring do not accumulate the contaminants that are so common in large, predatory fish.

Where to buy

There are few restaurants in Duong Dong Town and near Long Beach Village that sell this dish, however the best place to try Herring Salad would be at one of the beach side restaurants at Khem Beach. 

A plate of herring salad costs from 80,000 VND to 100,000 VND. You can also buy fresh herring at the the Duong Dong Market for 60,000 VND per kg.

Herring salad (via hoanggh)

Seahorse Wine

Speaking of wine… did you know that in Phu Quoc they make a special wine using live seahorses? Seahorse wine is a unique drink found all over the island however the best place to sample or see the wine is at Ham Ninh Fishing Village. Seahorse wine is made with just two ingredients: rice wine and a seahorse and it is apparently used to treat male and female fertility/sexual prowess issues.

Where to buy

You can buy a branded or a homemade version of the seahorse wine in Duong Dong Town (at the market) and at Ham Ninh Fishing Village near the port. The branded version made by Simson costs 420,000 VND per bottle and a homemade version will cost you about 80,000 VND to 120,000 VND. You can also just buy a dried seahorse for 40,000 VND.


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