Top activities for a wonderful night in Hoi An


Hoi An is not only beautiful during the daytime but also very sparkling at nighttime. These are the best activities to have a wonderful night in Hoi An.

>> Participating in traditional festival of Khmer people – Ok Om Bok

Strolling – Visit the ancient town on the lights

Most of Hoi An visitors who travel to Hoi An are eagerly waiting the moment when the lights are turned on. From 3 pm every day, all vehicles are not allowed to be circulated on the main streets of the ancient town, so this time is suitable for you to feel the moment from the gloaming to the night falls.

Try to start with watching the beautiful sunset from the horizon, all the scenery in a quiet Hoi An, but it is so charming, fanciful in the shimmer of the colorful lanterns. Then, walking around the streets, you will see the atmosphere is completely different with quiet beauty in the sunshine through the human activities or the excitement of the passersby.

Take a boat riding on the Hoai river and drop the flower garlands

In the morning, you drop the soul on the boat along the Hoai River watching the ancient beauty of the ancient town. In the evening, they also bring you a quiet view. Getting into the small boats of the fishermen and listening to them playing the drum in the middle of the river also gives you a bit of interesting experience.

Boad riding on the river (via

If you have been sitting on small boats and have not tried dropping flower garlands, then this is a pity. Having a luck when you come to the ancient town on the 1st and 15th lunar every month, Hoi An festival has dropped the flower garlands. Lights are glittering on the river surface like petitions in the hope of bringing good luck to you and your lovers.

Listen to “Bai Choi” singing

Close to the An Hoi Bridge, there is a large courtyard, at 7 pm every evening; it is so bustling with a game of “bai choi” – an interesting folk game. This is not only the spiritual food of the Hoi An people here but also the unique art from the time of our father to now. You can join the game by buying a card for 1 dollar/card.

The beginning of the game is to listen to the people who stir tube, get a card, sing the folk melody and end it with say the name of the card. To add to the suspense and make the player have to guess, the people chant a pregnant sentence or a sentence which have the card’s name. If that card in your hand, then knock so that the people to bring the card to win and receive the gift.

Enjoy cuisine

The place is usually busy, a bustling destination is the nightlife food district. There is no need for decoration, just a few tables and wooden chairs next to the Hoai River, so you feel like you come back in Hoi An ancient town. In this food area, they often sell specialty foods such as Cao lau, chicken rice, Quang noodles, “xoa xoa” sweet soup with affordable prices; you can enjoy them and watch the Hoai River.

Quang Noodle (via

Or you can choose to take a stroll and enjoy Hoi An bread which is renowned at the two bread stores (Phan Chau Trinh Street) and Madam Khanh bread (Tran Cao Van Street), a way to enjoy food not bad.

At a different place, instead of strolling on the streets you can find newness by sitting and drinking coffee and watching the old roof, sunset or ancient town in the light from above. The cozy space of the house with melodious music is enough for you to remember Hoi An forever.

Hoi An night market

You can see on the street also is the Hoi An Night Market, located on Nguyen Hoang Street. The market area is nearly 50 stalls selling a lot of beautiful products such as colorful lanterns, bracelets, cloth bags … spoiled for you to choose here to buy gifts.

Save a memorable moment

Surely, this is indispensable. The ancient tile roof with the main tone of the ancient town is warm gold so no matter which style you choose, the pictures are beautiful and soulful. All the walks around Hoi An moment in the evening will save the unforgettable memories in every time you visit the ancient town.

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