Must-do activities in Halong Bay ( part 1)

Halong Bay is a must-come destination in the North Vietnam. With so many things to do in this place, it’s tough to decide what to do first. These are the most popular activities that are loved by most tourists.

Enjoy Sunworld Halong park

SunWorld Halong Bay Park just recently opened, and this combination theme and water park are still being built, but there’s already plenty of fun waiting to be had on your visit. This is great for all ages with the games, rides, and the overall experience.  One experience that’s highly recommended is the beautiful Zen garden that’s ready for a peaceful and relaxing day.  Ticket prices and crowds will probably differ based on the part of the year of your visit, and how far along the redevelopment phase happens to be.


The SunWheel is available in SunWorld Halong Park, but it’s so special that it deserves to earn its own particular slot on this list of must see activities. The SunWheel offers a stunning visual view of Halong Bay. The height of this Ferris wheel is what makes it so wonderful as you can see for miles. With an impressive height, up to 215m over sea level, the Sun Wheel is one of the largest rotation in Vietnam, the rest is located in the Asia Park (Da Nang City).

Sun Wheel (via

You may want to ride this amazing wheel twice to get the full effect of the view.  Try riding it once during the day where you’re really able to see all around you, and then ride it again at night where the dark night sky is the perfect backdrop to the lights of the area.  Romance will definitely be in the air for this adventure.

Queen Cable Cab

The Queen Cable Cab is another attraction within SunWorld Halong Bay Park that shouldn’t just be lumped in with the theme park. It’s a major attraction that will have you grabbing your camera and saying wow. The view from the cable car is going to be amazing as you travel along the cable, and can’t be mimicked by any other type of experience. Children will love the chance to ride in such a unique vehicle while riding in the sky. All ages will be fans of this experience.

Kayaking and canoeing the day away

You cannot visit one of the most beautiful bays in the world, Halong Bay, without taking some time to enjoy the water.  You’ll be able to have the opportunity to explore the bay on a kayak or bamboo canoe if you have interest in being able to paddle around finding the most picturesque views of the surrounding area.  You’re going to want to make sure that you bring along a waterproof disposable camera that you can put around your neck to ensure that you get the best shots of your amazing water journey.

Kayaking (via

There are several ways that you can enjoy this activity during your holiday to the area.  Many of the different tours and cruises offer this as an included activity that you can enjoy the rest of your tour group during your package. You can also book these activities as an all-day adventure rather than just as an add-on to another package. You’ll be under the watchful eye of your tour operator, so you can feel comfortable in exploring the surrounding area. However, the government has just announced Kayaking is banned in Halong Bay due to environment polluted.

Sightseeing with seaplanes

Being out on the water is not for everyone, and maybe you’d prefer to enjoy the view of the bay from the comfort of a window seat in a plane. There could be nothing more fun and adventurous than getting to a 25-minute ride in seaplane for a fun up-in-the-air tour of Halong Bay. You’ll get a unique view of the area that’s unparallel from any other activity that you can enjoy. When you combine that unique view with the excitement of being able to ride in a real seaplane with a water landing it’s a spectacular jewel to place in your vacation crown. This is a memory that cannot be topped by the sheer uniqueness it adds to your trip.

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